Tyre Tower

Tyre Tower is easy to install in various locations, both indoors and out. Tyre Tower is a long-term partner in tyre storage. To install Tyre Tower, you only require permission from your local building control department.

Tower capacity


Exterior width 6,72 m
Depth 3,0 m
Exterior height max. 12 m

Also available tailor-made for indoors.



Concrete slab 6.5 m x 3.5 m or concrete beams.


Tyre basket structure

The patented tyre basket system can be used to transfer, lift and store an entire tyre set at once. This helps safe working time.


Motor efficiency

Motor power 4 kW


Electrical connection

3-phase AC and 16 A fuse as the standard electrical connection.



The storage system is controlled from the workstation either with a computer or a mobile device. The location of the control panel can be freely selected.



Tyre Tower is CE-certificated


Utility model

Tyre Tower is protected by a utility model (no. 6467) – The patent numbers are FI12648 and FI12649.



Tyre Tower comes with a two-year warranty that covers material and manufacturing defects. The motor has a one-year warranty.


Operating instructions

A user manual and product training are provided in connection with the delivery and installation.

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