Tyre Tower - Finnish innovation for tyre storaging

Quick and safe way to store tyres

With Tyre Tower, less floor space is required for storing tyres, and tyre sets are 50% easier to locate compared to traditional storage systems. In addition to boosting customer satisfaction, Tyre Tower improves ergonomics, thereby preventing accidents.

Why Tyre Tower?

Double your sales with the same resources (2x)

- Free your warehouse workers for customer service

- Reduce the transportation costs of tyres

Triple the efficiency of expensive indoor space

- Tyres are not stored on the floor but higher up, or outdoors

- Indoord premises are used efficiently

Improve the availability and permanence of labour

- Tyres are moved on wheels and not by hand

- Reduce the risk of occupational accidents

Feedback from our customers

"By investing in Tyre Tower, we considerably increased our turnover by reducing the storage space, without added labour, and we tripled our tyre storage capacity."

Nummelan Rengasmyynti, Jari Silfverberg

Tyre storage facilities – tyre hotels – are steadily gaining popularity

More than 160 Tyre Tower tyre systems have been installed in Finland.

Watch our video to learn more about the benefits brought about by Tyre Tower

Tyre Tower -video demonstrates the operation of the system and its installation onsite.