On a single parking space up to 80 cars’ tyres

Increases efficiency, improves service

Tyre Tower storage system makes locating tyre sets 40 % faster than with traditional storage. Increased efficiency means improved customer satisfaction.

With Tyre Tower there is no need for separate shelving, forklift trucks or containers and Tyre Tower is more economical than building extra storage space.

Safe to use, theft-proof

Tyre Tower improves ergonomics, prevents accidents and reduces sick leave costs.

The steel surface and quality components are fireproof.

In addition to the standard Abloy locks Tyre Tower can be fitted with fire and theft alarms.

Easy to install and expand, also indoors

Normally erecting a Tyre Tower requires no building permit, permission from your local Building Control Department suffices.

Tyre Tower can be integrated with your customer records and equipped with computerised searching. Press button operation is standard.

See the benefits of Tyre Tower: video

Tyre Tower -video (Finnish) demonstrates both the operation of the tower and its instalment on site.